Keep Your Home Looking Good Year-Round with These Seasonal Maintenance Checklists

Keeping custom built homes in Florida shining like new is a labor of love. Though, with the right attention to detail at the right time, it can pay dividends! From January to December and every point in between, Florida homes are exposed to all sorts of conditions, including heavy rainfall, strong winds, and piercing sunshine. Instead of letting the elements get the best of your home, keep it looking brand new all year with these checklists for each season!


In Florida, spring may as well be synonymous with extensive showers and smothering amounts of pollen. This season provides homeowners with ample opportunity to patch up any damage from winter while preparing for the radical weather patterns of summer. After all, have you ever heard of “spring cleaning?” With that in mind, cross off these simple tasks to make sure your home is nicely polished for spring!

  • Clean out your gutters and make sure they drain properly
  • Repair your driveway, walkways, and decks
  • Upgrade surfaces with impact-resistant materials
  • Rake away old mulch
  • Inspect interior and exterior caulking


In summer, the sun rises sooner and sets later in the day than usual. The ample sunshine that fills these days provide the ideal conditions to take on bigger outdoor projects! You’ll be thankful for checking off the following items later in the year when you are reaping benefits such as deterring insects and preventing property damage.

  • Secure outdoor furniture that can get upended by strong winds and harm your home
  • Trim or remove vegetation that is close to your home, as these may attract pests
  • Prune dying branches from trees and bushes – these meager limbs will likely come off in a storm and could harm your home


This season gives homeowners a wonderful transition to prepare their homes for the colder weather ahead. Given that the weather in fall is generally dry and temperatures are moderate, you can complete interior and exterior projects with ease. Make sure to take care of the following tasks before winter comes around.

  • Clean out your gutters… again! Leaves and other debris are likely to constantly fill your downspouts throughout the season
  • Add insulation to pipes to prevent freezing when it gets too cold
  • Inspect your HVAC system and make sure both heating and cooling are in working order


Though winter may not be as harsh in Florida as it is in other parts of the country, temperatures can still plummet and put your home at risk. It’s not uncommon for roofs and pipes to suffer damage from the cold, dry air. Stay one step ahead of winter damages by completing the following maintenance.

  • Seal exterior cracks and holes – animals may seek shelter from the cold in your home
  • Update your fire alarm and alert systems to make sure they will work properly in the event of a disaster
  • Clean out your dryer vent and remove any accumulated buildup that could ignite
  • Review your current insurance coverage and consider shopping around for a better deal

Of course, all these tasks only scratch the surface of everything you can do to make sure your home looks its best year-round. However, by following this guide throughout every season, you will be well on your way to optimizing safety for your family! If you have any questions about maintaining your new home, consider reaching out to experienced Panama City Florida home builders. Breeden Building builds homes that provide the most beautiful, functional, and comfortable living now and well into the future. Contact Breeden Building today to learn more!

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