Bring Your Dream Kitchen to Life with Custom Home Builders Panama City FL

Many consider their kitchen to be the heart of their home. After all, it sees constant usage at all hours of the day! Morning talks over coffee before work or school, whipping together homecooked meals, or even just simple socializing – the kitchen is the place to be. That’s why you should never settle for anything less than your dream kitchen! Having a functional kitchen layout is vital to a smooth home life, whether one year from now or twenty. Here’s how to make it happen with Panama City Florida home builders – just read on!

Keep Your Sink and Dishwasher Close

No kitchen can be perfect without being clean! In order to minimize the amount of food, soap, and water that ends up on the floor, place your dishwasher within arm’s length of the sink. This way, when cleaning up after a day of cooking, you can easily transfer dishes from sink to dishwasher without making a mess!

Make The Garbage Easily Accessible

The garbage bin in the kitchen is often the most important one throughout the entire house. This is especially true because of undesirable food or trimmings that need to get tossed. Place your garbage bin in a location that is easy to access from all your kitchen hot spots: the fridge, prep station, and sink, to name a few! Consider putting it near your kitchen island so that it is also easy to access from elsewhere within Panama City Florida new homes.

Electrical Outlets That Make Sense

A kitchen with few outlets or an inefficient layout of power sources can make activities a hassle. Your dream kitchen should make cooking easy as well as enjoyable! Consider the placement and quantity of electrical outlets when building your kitchen – these will matter for years to come. Speak with your custom home builders in Florida and discuss possibilities like outlets in special cupboards or under cabinets.

Leave Enough Space to Move Freely

When drawers, cabinets, and counters are too close together, it can turn any kitchen into a claustrophobic nightmare. Many Panama City Florida home builders recommend leaving a minimum of a meter between countertops, but we suggest aiming for 1.2 meters. With this much space, you can open cupboards and your dishwasher and still have enough space to maneuver comfortably around them!

Make Your Pantry Work for You

An exceptional pantry should be more than some simple shelves in a small space. Small details make a big difference! Consider everything you keep in your pantry, then design storage elements to save you time and effort when using it. For example, add spice shelves to make your most oft-used ingredients easy to access, or pull-out shelves and baskets for everything else.

Since 2003, Breeden Building has been building dream custom-built homes in Florida for each of our clients! Our architect will go through each of our options and work with you to create your home from the ground up. Contact Breeden Building today and tell us about what you want from your dream kitchen – our precise attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction will make sure that you have everything you need before we hand you the keys! Trust in the team at Breeden Building to be your home builder Panama City!

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